Copies and print-outs

Copying machines are available at the library. Copies are paid for with a print ticket that can be purchased from the information desk on Level 2. The ticket is rechargeable.

Copying machines are found on Level 2 and Level 3. 
Print-outs from the library’s computers are made from the copying machines; payment by print ticket only. Tickets can be purchased from the information desk on Level 2.

Instructions on how to print from our public computers can be found here.

Instructions on how to print from your own computer can be found here.

Copy/Print fees with copying card
Cost per copy (A4) b/w: 2 SEK
Cost per copy (A4) color: 4  SEK
Cost per copy (A3) b/w: 3 SEK
Cost per copy (A3) color: 5 SEK

Scanning to email:
Scanning to email is free of charge, however it does require a print ticket.
Print tickets are available in various denominations, starting from 5 SEK.

For students

If You are a student at Uppsala University, Campus Gotland You should use eduPrint. Read more here


For copyright-protected material from books and periodicals, both teachers and student need permission for copies. Uppsala University - Campus Gotland is affiliated with the BONUS agreement, which makes this possible. The library itself is not affiliated with BONUS, but individuals have the right to use the library’s copying machines to make copies if it is done in accordance with the BONUS agreement.

New regulations for private copies (July 1, 2005)

According to the Swedish Copyright Act (1960:729), it is forbidden to make copies of entire books. Thus copying is only permitted for limited sections of books or other literary works. Copied material may be used for private use only. Private use means usage that in no way can be considered commercial.