Borrowing rules

Library card/PIN code

You will need a library card to borrow books or use a computer from the library. If you are new to the library, you can get a card for free by registering as a new patron and then showing your ID at one of the information desks. Each card is supplied with a PIN that makes it possible to use the self-issue machine and to log on to our website to make renewals and reservations and to book computers. You choose a four-digit PIN when you register for a library card.

Main collection books

There are no fees for borrowing books and other media, but your library card is a valuable document that should be protected. Since the holder is responsible for all material borrowed on the card, a lost card should be reported immediately for cancellation.

Contact the library

Loan periods

The normal loan period is four weeks. Some material, however, can only be borrowed for a shorter time, such as course books, periodicals, CDs and recreational films. If there are one or more other requests to borrow a particular book, the loan period is automatically shortened to two weeks. See list below for details.

4 week loan period on: books, audio books, audio books, music CDs for children.

2-week loan period on: video games, music CDs, and magazines (not the current year's numbers may not be lent).

1 week loan period on:  feature films/documentaries, course books tagged "Kursbok" and red dot.

10 days on "fast loan books".

Course literature

Whenever possible, Almedalsbiblioteket purchases at least one copy of all mandatory course literature for the courses at Uppsala University - Campus Gotland.

Course Literature loan: Course literature books are lent out for seven days. These books are labeled ‘Kursbok’ on the spine.
Overdue fee: 10 SEK/day.


There is no fee for reserving the library’s own material. With your library card and PIN, you can log on to our system and reserve material from the library catalog yourself and see what books you have on loan.

Returning books

Books may be returned during the library’s opening hours. When the library is closed, you can use our drop slot which is located on Kaserngatan, back of the library. It is also possible to return books at other libraries in Gotland.


Loss of right to borrow from the library

Library visitors/users who in some way seriously abuse their borrowing rights or infringe against library regulations may be barred from future use by the head of library for up to 6 months. The decision may be appealed to Region Gotland.

Terms of Confidentiality

In accordance with Ch. 9, Sect. 22, of the Swedish Secrecy Act (SFS 1980:100, SFS 1989:713), no information about people’s loans, reservations or other kinds of bookings will be made available.