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Visby läroverkssamling (Visby Secondary Grammar School Collection) is a book-collection, originally owned by Visby Upper Secondary School (Visby gymnasium och Visby högre allmänna läroverk). The age of the books ranges from the year 1494 to the 1950:s. In 1956 the major part of the collection was deposited at Visby City Library (Visby stadsbibliotek). The collection was transferred to Gotland's new library, Almedalsbiblioteket, in 2001.

Subject Fields

The collection comprises works in religion, ancient history and culture, philosophy, history, fiction, comparative literature, science and mathematics. In Religion one will find Bible editions and Bible commentaries and works reflecting the struggle between Protestants and Catholics. Bible texts in Hebrew and Greek are comparatively common.

Several of the most well-known works in Philosophy are represented. In History, Fiction and Comparative literature works dealing with Sweden and Scandinavia dominate but there are also works originating from Germany, France and England. In Science and Mathematics there will be found a number of pioneering works, which were primarily printed in France and England but also works printed in Germany, Russia and Sweden. The two oldest books were printed in Venice in 1494.


More than 20 languages are represented, the four major languages being Swedish, German, Latin and Danish. Several works are in French, English, Dutch, Greek and Hebrew. A minor number of works are in Norwegian, Icelandic, Finnish, Estonian, Italian and Arabic.


In 1998 the cataloguing of works prior to 1800 was initiated. A part of the post-1800 collection, especially valuable, has also been included in the catalogue. The catalogue of this part of the collection comprises more than 5.500 titles.

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