Inter-library loans 

When necessary, we can borrow material from other libraries, but note that this is done primarily with books for study. Fiction, simple manuals, and language courses are thus not lent from other libraries unless there is a special reason. Otherwise, it is up to the lending library to decide what will be lent out and under what conditions.

You can reserve your own inter-library loans via Libris (although all reservations pass through our library). When you log on for the first time, you will be asked to register. In order to do so, you must have a library card from a Gotland library and an email address. Don’t forget to mention at which Gotland library you will pick up the book. Write the name of the library in the field “Message to library.”

Fees for inter-library loans

Books within Scandinavia: 20 SEK (free for students/staff Uppsala University)
Books outside Scandinavia: 150  SEK per volume
Copies of articles within Scandinavia: minimum fee per article 20 SEK + 1 SEK per A4
Copies of articles outside Scandinavia: 100 SEK per article

Before you ask for an inter-library loan, please make sure the material isn’t in our catalog or some other library on Gotland.

Renewal of inter-library loans

To renew an inter-library loan, you have to contact via e-mail. We will send a request to the lending library and they will let us know if a renewal is possible.