Into The Future: Sustainable Businesses 2050 How to make sense of the ‘should’ in business?

Kategori: Utställning
Plats: Almedalsbiblioteket, Almedalsbiblioteket, Plan 2, Hörnan
När: torsdag 29 september kl. 10:00 - onsdag 5 oktober kl. 18:00
Arrangör: Campus Gotland, Almedalsbiblioteket

This exhibition is the closing ceremony for master’s students in Sustainable Management at Uppsala University, Campus Gotland. Now, at the end of their first course of the program, called Business, Society and Nature: Reflective Inquiry, where the aim is to open up a reflective inquiry of Sustainability and Business, the question that remains is; ‘How can organisations take care of the future?’.

The course is divided into five modules. Being, Thinking, Care, Future Making and Becoming.
Now, at the week of Becoming, the students want to share with others how they see the future for Sustainable Businesses, where they endeavor to imagine a Sustainable Business in the year 2050, based on reading, writing, thinking, reflecting, storytelling and care. With Heartwork, headwork, hardwork.
This exhibition is not about what a sustainable business is but to spark the imagination of what sustainable business could be?

Utställningen öppnar klockan 13:00 den 29/9 och går sedan att se under bibliotekets öppettid fram till den 5/9.