How to use our print service with your own computer

If you are bringing a laptop, you can use our print service through the University's Webprint service. To be able to to print you need a print ticket that that can be purchased from the information desk on Level 2 and a computer with internet access.

Please follow the instructions below:

Open a web browser and go to the address

Fill in the username and password from your copy card.

On the next page, press Choose file and choose the document you would like to print.

In the box you will now see two buttons, “Bibliotek” and “PrintAnywhere”.

If you have bought a copy card from us you click the button “Advanced” right next to “Bibliotek”.

If you are a student at Campus Gotland and use your access card for printing, choose the button “Advanced” next to “PrintAnywhere”.

When you’ve made your choices, press the button “Bibliotek”.

If you’re a student and use your access card for printing, press the button “PrintAnywhere”.

When the document is marked as printed, go to any of our printers.

How to use the printer:

Log in using the information from your print ticket.


4. When you are logged in you can see your print balance (free quota). Press Ok.

5. Choose your print job and press the blue ”Start” button to print selected jobs.


6. Don´t forget to log out when you´re done, you can do this with the button "Acces/Åkomst".